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Choosing to Live Well!

I have always been sensitive.  As a child, I was remarkably healthy, but remarkably sensitive to my environment.  I just seemed to know and internalize if something wasn’t quite right around me…like a canary in the coal mine

The thing about those canaries that were sent before the miners to alert them to “problems” in the mines, is that they didn’t typically live very long. Usually, the miners were alerted to a problem when the highly-sensitive song bird dropped dead.

I have grown used to being careful since I have life-threatening allergies to many medications including *iodine, but also, *shellfish, *peanuts and *tree nuts. Yeah, I’m super fun to take to a buffet!

Throughout my adult life I have struggled with a variety of seemingly unrelated illnesses…usually passed-off by doctors as hypochondria or maybe depression-oriented.  So over the years, I have been diagnosed with *irritable bowel syndrome, *chronic fatigue, *fibromyalgia, *severe acid reflux, *acute insomnia ….

Leading to the discovery of *Reactive Epstein Barr & *Celiac Disease and, more recently, a *Meningioma (benign brain tumor) pressing on my brain stem and spinal cord.

But, ironically, doctors are now saying that my symptoms (blindness, falling, memory & speech difficulties) are more likely caused by *Multiple Schlorosis than the tumor.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that they want to do a double fusion on the severely herniated discs in my cervical spine…I have 6.

So, this week, as I was standing in the surgeon’s office looking at pictures of my brain, I reached the end of my rope…

Actually, maybe the beginning of my journey, in reality.

I had the thought that this entire process…this nightmare of multiple diagnosis…has led me to this point where I say  “Enough!”  Because the truth is, if I deal with one thing…like the tumor – which they want to radiate – I will still have to deal with all of the other things that have gone wrong…and my body will still be a place that, for some reason, allows for tumors and auto-immune disease to thrive.

I have to deal with the “why”.

So I am.

If I’m to be the “canary in the coal mine”, so be it – but if no one learns anything from my sensitivities and struggles, then they have been for no purpose.  I’ve decided to learn how to heal myself.  I’ve asked my Creator to show me the way – to heal me in such a way where He gets the glory and others gain hope.  I’ve decided to stop being a patient…and start being a person…a person who doesn’t just live…but lives WELL.

This is not about denial or refusing to accept my condition.  This is about taking responsibility…

This is about fighting back.

If you can relate to my story or have felt hopeless because of physical or emotional illness, please know that there is hope.  In 2010, I was also diagnosed with *PTSD and *severe depression, because of abuse in my childhood.  I was told then that I would never be able to cope unmedicated…I should just get used to it.  So, I understand why so many of our precious soldiers return home and spiral into self-destruction and even suicide.

But, today, I am on NO medications of any kind. Zero… Of course, this is a personal choice, and I don’t assume to tell anyone else what they should or shouldn’t do to deal with a particular disease or illness. It’s just my choice.

The bottom-line is, we can’t compartmentalize our bodies and our well-being.  If one thing is sick and suffering, then the whole is sick and suffering…
But if my body is given the tools to heal one disease, it will heal the whole.

Here are some articles and documentaries that you may want to check out as you are making decisions about your own health:

The “Forks over Knives” documentary (free on Netflix)




I am also doing the “Budwig Protocol” to deal with my brain tumor as well as an 80% raw, organic plant-based diet – with absolutely no refined sugars or processed foods.

We are all in the coal mine together, after all, and I’m singing away….trying to alert those around me that we need to make a change.  I do know that I am more sensitive than most, but I’m not an anomaly…I am the “every man” of the future.

Be and live well!

Peace to you…


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