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Living Proof…

We all have a story…a path. Sometimes it can seem like we were placed on that path and we are powerless to ever veer from it.

My recent physical challenges – dealing with severe injury to my neck and back in a car accident, coping with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, and battling a brain tumor – are really just one small aspect of my path…

For many years I struggled under the weight of debilitating depression. I was on every medication possible, and still just barely escaped suicide. At my lowest point, I chose to leave my marriage because I just felt too unworthy to have a “good life”…

I truly believed that my husband…my children would just be better of without me.

The decision to take my life back was humbling and hard…and I’m still fighting.
Besides a completely holistic approach to my health and a decision that the answers to my chronic pain and depression don’t lie in any prescription bottle, my biggest challenge has been my own thoughts.

You see, words carry weight. They carry within them either life or death. And your thoughts are nothing more than the words you say to yourself. So many times I’ve been guilty of saying things to myself that I would never say to someone else…and if someone else said them to someone that I love, I would turn into some kind of ninja warrior, Jedi-type lioness…

But yet I allowed myself to say such things to myself.

And then I realized that true health is more than what you’re eating and drinking – it’s also what you’re thinking and saying.

You are not just placed upon a path that you can’t change. You are not the sum total of everything that has ever happened to you. You are more than all the mistakes you’ve ever made.

You are precious.
Don’t live below your privilege as a child of God.
Don’t sacrifice your future on the alter of the present.
You are more.

God created you – He will deliver you, restore you and sustain you!
If you want to tell yourself something – tell yourself that!

The only way to begin again is to begin…again. Some days it’s not even one foot in front of the other, it’s just about standing back up.
You can do it…I’m living proof.

Peace to you…

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